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Jan 22 2020 -
[NEW SEASON] Welcome to new Warzona.Online best Global start 27 JAN 2020
[NEW SEASON] Welcome to new Warzona.Online best Global start 27 JAN 2020
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IP: |  Port: 7171 |  Version: 10 and 12

Warzona-Global - Server Info - (learn to do Donate and use our Shop Online)

Welcome to Warzona-Global, we count on map most complete of all servers currently, Cooldown and reworked Spells for a more dynamic and fun PvP.
Several bugs fixed and being fixed daily. Come check out the best server of all time!
Create your account now here your fun is guaranteed!
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Jan 22 2020 -
Abertura Oficial 27/01/2020 AT 18H

Opening January 27, 2020 at 18:00( Brasil Time)!

Após meses trabalhando, recebendo reports de todos jogadores e corrigindo.. nós da equipe do Warzona estamos contentes em anunciar a abertura oficial do nosso servidor, estamos entregando um servidor completo. New Hunts, New Bosses, New Items, New Outfits and Mounts, New Systems and more.

New Hunts

MoTA Extension.

Asura Mirror.

Carnivora's Rocks.

The Haunted Houses.

Secret Library.

Deep Desert.



Falcon Bastion.

Cobra Bastion.

Winter Court of the Dreamborn.

Summer Court of the Dreamborn.

And Much More.

New Bosses


Urmahlullu the Weakened.

Ugly Monster.

Sir Baeloc.

Scarlett Etzel.

Lord Azaram.

King Zelos.

Earl Osam.

Duke Krule.

Count Vlarkorth.

Channeling Earl Osam.


Faceless Bane.

Izcandar the Banished.

Malofur Mangrinder.



The Nightmare Beast.

And Much More.

New Items

New Outfits and Mounts

Anti-Entrosa System

Nosso sistema de anti entrosa tem diversas opções para os players escolherem como quiserem, como Mapa da War, Tempo da War, Spells UE50%Damage/Enable/Disable, Runes50%Damage/Enable/Disable, Choose Exhaust Amulet/Ring e muito mais!
Basta se dirigir ao NPC Warzona Anti Entrosa!

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